Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why do I hate Charlotte so much?

I went and did a show in Charlotte last night after working a nine hour shift.  When we got there it was at this horrible townie(someone that lives on their hometown and thinks they're cool) bar called Jackalope Jacks.  I shit you not.  The crowd was terrible and very tough.  I tried out all my new material, and  I figure if they laughed at it, an audience that cared would laugh even harder.  There was an asshole there wearing a bowtie and suspenders and was mad when every comic made fun of him.  All in all?  Super gay.


  1. The asshole must have been handy for the odd joke or two lol.

  2. Wow... bowtie and suspenders? And he was surprised about being made fun of? Lol, Charlotte sounds LAAAAAAME